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Raspberry PI 3 Model B

DescriptionThe new version of the popular Raspberry Pi version 3 minicomputer. This model distinguis..

Rs 5,000.00

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Official Case

The official enclosure for Raspberry Pi minicomputer version 3B+, 3B, 2B, 1B+  with e..

Rs 250.00 Rs 240.00

Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ in Pakistan

The latest version of the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer version 3 B +. This model distingui..

Rs 6,200.00 Rs 5,800.00

Raspberry Pi GPIO Adapter T-Cobbler Plus

Raspberry Pi GPIO Adapter T-Cobbler Plus – GPIO Breakout For RPi A+/B+/Pi2/Pi3 is the..

Rs 420.00